Thursday, July 14, 2011

latest sculpture for sale

Here is our latest creation...Angel...$2500
Can be shipped anywhere in the wall hung...ideal for your entranceway, living room,  bedroom..or office..
drop us a line to for more information about our life-size wall sculptures
to see more art work from live models go NakedArt

Sunday, May 22, 2011

branching out

We want more figurative Artists...if you know of any...get them to drop us a we can add their artwork to the website...

We have just set a wedding photography website...Wedding Photography
We were finding that people were getting put off at seeing so much nudity when going into

If you want to see more naughty will have to go to the likes of

Best regards
Brent & Shirley Cairns

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New Zealand

ph/fax 64 (03) 327-0066
mobile 027 2224767

Our latest sculptures can be viewed at:
Our glass sculptures can be viewed at:
Our latest range of photography can be viewed at:
Wedding Photography
Hotrod and Living Dolls 2011 Calendar
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking on London...please vote

Go to
To Vote...thank you

Brent and Shirley Cairns

Kaiapoi Christchurch,

Brent & Shirley of NakedArt present to Scope and the world their glass collection of sculptures. The glass sculptures have utilized recycled glass that was deemed to be valueless and was to be thrown out.
The idea to create sculptures in glass was born from the love of human form and the translucency and beauty of glass, together the play of light as it is diffused through the differing depths created by making a mold from a live model.
The process has taken 4 years to develop, at times they thought that they would just give up on the idea, but through perseverance, creating such large glass sculptures with varying depths has caused some nightmares, but the results are truly wonderful. Mixing the elements of the fragments of broken glass to create a translucent rustic texture combines with the softness and curves of the human form.

Here is a link to our sculpture site:

Reverence for the human form is the underlying value behind the range of wall sculptures created by NakedArt. NakedArt promote a positive attitude to the shape and size of the naked body. You can commission them to create a sculpture of YOU, choose from their interior wall sculptures or exterior sculpture or statue collection, or select from their collection of glass sculptures, bronze sculptures or aluminum sculptures...NakedArt sculptures are in collections and galleries in 14 different countries...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Will a couple of weeks there appeared a new comment on the post that I spent in the month of April to Aotearoa (New Zealand), within the World Tour 2 ... It was, nothing more and nothing less than Brent Cairns, one of the two components of NakedArt, whose beautiful and realistic works and I had spoken, and from Kaiapoi kindly invited me to visit your new page, and even study if bring me back to the South Island ... As one is grateful, and more with that heavenly country, one of the places where I would like to retire, I will offer samples of their new local art, hand in hand with these two great artists behind the brand are NakedArt BRENT & Shirley Cairns. .. Knowing that some of the most famous works of art and most popular of all time have involved the human form, this pair of authors like to continue that tradition with his unique style of sculpture ... His creative ability draws out the inner beauty of each of the persons offered as a model, since the techniques they've developed get to show in detail the capture of the human body and how The medium used to create their pieces cast is generally imported from the United States, later you apply multiple layers of colored enamel, a technique that produces a bronze effect and allows you to look changing to sculpture, depending on the intensity light during the day or under artificial light at night ... Tin and aluminum are other materials that have experienced, giving them a contemporary look thoughtful and unique ... and other means used recently is the glass, showing that the wonderful effects that are achieved when combining the human body and translucent crystalline characteristics, recreate an entire environment get sensual ... With this brief selection of their new works in glass and aluminum, you can see that, regardless of which material they are made, remains a worthy package to revere the human form, this being the underlying value behind each of the sculptures that create after taking a mold of a live model How well you look ... And apparently still generating new works, remain vigilant and expect to continue enjoying their new jobs because their production and imagination appears limitless, luckily for us Already we saw in World Tour 2: Aotearoa - New Zealand ... but I strongly recommend you to visit their original pages, where I selected the photos today by clicking here
hi pru; I can not believe that some of these works are painted plaster .. amazing technical skill, delicacy and strength of these two artists leave New Zealand .. gladly visit your Web site carefully ..
kisses! Yes, Maslama, art, sympathy and complicity is what I radiate these visual delicacy, worth seeing (and hopefully keep at home) ...
# Kisses upside down

I thought they were d tb bronze medal ... and are d plaster ... Incredible! Really nice.
Kisses and thank you for your daily gifts, Pru, PS: So far I commented that I go to bed. Not going back to more distant days, ok? Petonets, you're stuck marathon Go ... and you made me go back a long time, Apprentice ... Ayyy, certain things, better than one at a time that loads of blow, right? Or what?
Petonets i gràcies, maca

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest glass sculptures

Here are our latest glass sculpture...called innocence..stands almost 1000mm tall or just over 36inches
Mounted on stone base...weights around 30-40lbs
They will be on exhibition this weekend in Kaiapoi
more can be see at

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hotrod and Living Dolls Calendar now for sale

Hotrods and Living Dolls Lingerie Calendar is now for sale. This beautiful calendar has been created by Forever Young

$30 + P & P gets you this 14 month A3 2011-2012 calendar..
Or have a autographed copy by all the models for NZ $100 + P & P
delivery will be early August...

Check out the website which shows you all the pages

Place your order now by emailing